Taking great photos

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Taking photos is for everyone to keep memories alive. In special occasions, like pregnancy, birthday, wedding, graduation or anniversaries most people hire a professional photographer to make it really impressive. On a day-to-day basis the small tips below can help you achieve great results:
– It’s all about lights, so try to find the perfect hours preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You should avoid direct sunlight into the lens.
– Select the main subject and tap the screen to focus. The sharper the focus, the better your picture will look like.
– Use the gridlines to position the main subject in the centre or one of the thirds. A good trick is to place the subject on one of the intersections or gridlines.
– Observe where light is coming from and use it to compose the picture. Move around the subject to find the ideal angle and shadow. Take a moment to think about the composition.
– Try to get closer to make your subject pop up, or you can be creative and lay down, climb one more step, etc.
– Use objects like trees to frame the subject, and define an object as level to make sure the camera is straight.
– Cut the clutter out from your composition by removing unnecessary elements.
– Avoid shaking the camera or use a tripod, especially for night photos.
– Talk to your subject and help them relax.
– Last but not least: experiment and have fun!
Have you tried these or think about other tips? Share your thoughts!

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