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Get rid of condensation and mould

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One of the winter nightmares of all homes is the mould growth. That happens when mould spores in find damp surfaces where they can germinate resulting in black or green dots. Walls can become dump because of water penetration or condensation, when water vapour meets cold surfaces. So in most cases, the solution starts from avoiding condensation.

Apart from damaging walls, ceiling, curtains and furniture, damp and mould can impact the family health and lead to respiratory issues if not fixed. As most things in life, the best solution is prevention. While normal activities like breathing, taking shower and cooking generate water vapour, you can minimise the problem by:

  • Improve ventilation, as the outside air is drier that inside (e.g. open windows or use extractor fans). Ventilation is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Make sure humid rooms are heated.
  • Avoid keeping furniture too close to walls, especially outside ones.
  • Prefer to dry clothes outside, or place close to ventilated or heated areas (but avoid drying clothes on radiators).
  • Keep lids on the pans when cooking. Only boil water in the kettle when you really need.
  • Make sure that you have good insulation in your home.
  • Consider using a de-humidifier.

If the mould problem is already stablished, then it’s important to remediate the problem as quick as possible.

  • Try one of many mould and mildew removers available
  • Wipe or splay with bleach, and scrub to remove the stain.
  • You can also use a solution of toothpaste and bleach
  • If you prefer a more natural alternative solution, use tea tree.

Mould can grow quite quickly in humid areas like bathrooms – in a week it can build up in shower box glasses and between tiles depending on ventilation conditions. So, keep in mind that these areas require regular cleaning, at least weekly. Also, if other rooms such as bedrooms and lounge are affected by mould, it’s important to remove it quickly. In either case, My Service Menu can help by sending a reliable and tested cleaner prepared to resolve the problem.

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