About Us

Hello! We are Ed and Ana.

We are passionate about people's talents. It's so amazing how diverse and incredibly powerful the human creativity and range of abilities are. We believe that the talent of small companies and individuals is the fuel to solve all sorts of problems and the way make a better world.

It is a shame when the supply of talent cannot realise its full potential because it cannot meet the right demand. Sometimes is the lack of information and transparency, sometimes is excess unstructured information. The fact is that for most people it is really challenging to find a great and reliable provider for the services they need.

That's how My Service Menu was born. Our mission is to make great talents visible so that you and I can find and hire the great service providers we need. Moreover, we want to provide you the best customer experience by combining technology and interactivity.

My Service Menu exists to make talents shine and to help you meet great service providers!