Moving out

Preparing to move out

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When you are moving out, creating a checklist and budget can be tremendously helpful to keep things under control. Here are some key points:
– Make sure you have at least day of tenancy overlap for moving
– Compare and hire a moving service.
– Buy scotch tape and boxes (or get them for free from your local supermarket).
– Change your correspondence and profile address at work, bank, utilities providers, etc.
– Pay any bills due at your old and new homes.
– Pack essentials last, and label boxes for easy and organised unpacking.
– Spend some time in your new home before moving in furniture to make small fixes and plan your interior design.
– Find a nanny and a pet-sitter for the moving day.
– Hire professional check out cleaning services.
– Take your time to unpack, it’s not a race. Generally, you will find out the best places to put your stuff as you need them.
How do you prepare to move out? Share your experience!

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